terça-feira, 15 de outubro de 2002


Saiu a versão 2.92 do famoso programa de Peter Dowson o FSUIPC.

File Description:
Here's the list of actual fixes and improvements:

1. A bug is fixed in the initialisation of the cloud thickness values, which caused the value set for thunder clouds to be set in the normal cloud space and the thunder cloud value to reset to its default of 10000 feet.

2. A bug is fixed in the new "Keys" options, fixing a problem where the Alt key is shown as Shift and vice versa.

3. The use of the Tab key as an extra shift, to provide more keypress combinations, is extended to the Hot Keys page and also to the IPC interface Hot Keys facility (using bit 2^4 in the Shift State indicator byte).

4. It seems that in FS2002 the "gradual" shear setting for wind layers actually works, or at least it smooths the wind speed and direction more reliably than did FS2000 where gradual shear could give sudden drastic reversals. The current ambient wind data read out at offsets 0E90 and 0E92 did not take into account these transitional values. This is fixed so that the read outs always reflect what is believed to be the actual wind affecting the aircraft track.

5. A bug is fixed which could prevent some add-on programs adding items to the Flight Sim menu, or when added made those items inoperative. This affected those which operated by intercepting the "WM_INITMENU" and/or "WM_MENUSELECT" messages.

6. The gyro drift value at offset 0C3E is now populated by FSUIPC for FS2002. It is a read only value. (CW)

Download em http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html

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