quarta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2002


A versão 2.93 do FSUIPC está já disponível na AVSIM.

Aqui fica a lista das alterações:

File Description:

1. Implemented the option to convert wind turbulence into wind variance for FS2002 use, but applicable to upper winds only. It seems that FS2002 does exhibit the same lack of wind turbulence as in FS2000, but not actually in the surface wind.

2. Fixed a problem with the Buttons option page where an assigned FS control might not 'stick' unless some other facility, such as the parameter value, was accessed after selecting the control in the drop-down list.

3. Extended the joystick Buttons programming facility to allow programming of all buttons, switches and rotary knobs on PFC controls handled by my PFC.DLL. This needs PFC.DLL version 1.46 or later. When programming is done in FSUIPC the normal action in PFC.DLL is inhibited.

4. Extended the Keys programming facility to allow a different action to be programmed on key release to key press.

5. Provided a facility in the IPC interface to disconnect the joystick axes from Slew mode actions (offset 310B).

6. Added a facility for FS2002 only to automatically generate an overcast cirrus cloud layer above a specified altitude to allow FS Sky World SE's "virtual sky" colours to be applied. This replaces the vapour trails facility for FS Clouds, which isn't needed on FS2002. The vapour trails option still applies to FS2000. Note that if this facility is enabled the real sparse cirrus layer option, if enabled, become 100% probable, not randomly at 80%.

7. Fixed an error preventing a new value entered in the options screen for the limit on visibility for overcast clouds being applied-the cloudy limit was imposed instead.

8. Fixed another bug in the visibility facilities that could cause low visibilities to occur when unlimited visibility is set in the FS weather dialogue. The weather logging is also fixed to report FS2002's negative visibility as "unlimited" (for that is how it denotes this).

9. Changed a direct reference to FS2002's SIM1.DLL data to derive the address at run time. Although generally this address is almost always known and fixed, it seems that in very specific circumstances it can be different, and this could cause FSUIPC to crash.

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