segunda-feira, 3 de março de 2003


E como estamos em dia de cenários, aqui fica mais um link:
Trata-se do cenário do aeroporto de Joensuu (EFJO), na Finlândia, acerca do qual os autores dizem o seguinte:

"After more than ten months of work the scenery of Joensuu has been completed. This first version is a new step in the development of sceneries for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The scenery is a detailed model of the real airport with very sharp photorealistic textures and detailed buildings and objects. New in this scenery is the realistic seasonal changes, with snowy apron, taxiways and runways, snow barriers and other season-specific effects wintertime. Further new features are the completely user-controllable approach lights as well as the hangar, made with animated doors and modeled interior. The package also includes custom-made roads, railways, lakes, rivers, coastlines and airport ground accurately designed, as well as the city of Joensuu with buildings, pipes and bridges. Also to be found in the package is mesh and landclass data. Lead designer for the project is Sebastian Rönnlund. Contributing designers include Tatu Kantomaa, Mikko Maliniemi, Janne Sinkkonen and Jari Varje."

É freeware e também parece merecer uma espreitadela.